Ask About the Grease

Mobil™ greases – Are formulated with 3 key parts. Base oil, thickener, and an additive.

Each grease offers a multitude of properties. Some of which include:

Long regreasing intervals

Enhanced equipment life

Exceptional protection even in extreme conditions

    Each grease is available in a broad range of NLGI grades and fluid viscosities for a variety of applications

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    Critical greasing points to keep in mind when re-greasing your equipment.
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    Thickeners, or soaps, are the most frequent type of emulsifying agent used in grease. The type of soap will determine the application. Most soaps will be classified by their properties, most of which include lithium, calcium, aluminum, and clay. The nature of the soap influences the temperature resistance, water resistance, and chemical stability of the resulting grease.

    You can find more information on specific greases and their make up here: