Hydraulic and lube oil fluid contamination causes 75% of all hydraulic component and bearing failures. Increase plant reliability with the efficient MDI Vac-U-Dry vacuum dehydration unit.

The MDI vacuum dehydrator optimizes the balance between heat, vacuum and process design to rapidly remove free, emulsified and dissolved water and gas.

MDI Vac-U-Dry dehydrators are also equipped with high efficiency filtration to remove particulate contamination. Keeping fluids clean and dry extends component and bearing life; increasing productivity, minimizing downtime and preventing premature fluid replacement.

Achieve and maintain water levels down to 10 ppm for any sized reservoir. Regain control of high ingression conditions in hours instead of weeks or months. Applications include steel mill lube systems (Morgoil), turbine lube reservoirs, oil flushing and reclamation, paper machine lube oil, gearboxes, compressors and any other hydraulic or lube applications susceptible to water contamination in oil.

The MDI Vac-U-Dry is available with many features that set the unit apart including:

  • § programmable thermostat and low watt density heaters
  • § foam sensing and knockdown circuit
  • § dual tank auto condensate water drain for 24x7 continuous unattended operation
  • § high efficiency particulate filtration to remove contamination
  • § smart relay start-up and shut-down routines for easy operation
  • § clear vacuum chamber and condensate tank covers allow you to see the performance

Vac-U-Dry is available with a wide assortment of filter element media options to fit your specific application. Whether you're running low viscosity turbine lube oil requiring super cleanliness or conditioning high viscosity systems, let your MDI representative work with you on setting it up.

Rental of the unit is typically done by the week or month and can be easily quoted by contacting your representative.

We can send someone to run the unit or your MDI Sales rep can show you how to operate it. The unit is on casters for easy maneuverability as well.

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