Focused Fluid Management


Proof of Performance!

Total Fluid Management Proves savings of over 60K for metalworking customer

Illinois plant adds Full Fluid Management (FFM) from Morgan Distributing, Inc. with proven performance that brings high returns.

Utilizing best practices to test, provide, and monitor the fluids used, as well as bring new technology and process improvements to the plant, with the help of a team of key management personnel has proved successful in many ways.

Efficiency created from having the FFM program employee on site allowed purchasing, engineering and maintenance as well as operations and staff to focus on other areas of the plant needs and its future visions.

Monitoring thru tracking software, daily checks and visibility in meetings alone offered over 20 K in savings in the first year of initiation.

*24K in shop coolants usage from daily sump management and sump life extension

*8K saved in concentration reductions with tracking software management

*15K saved in product changes, process efficiency

Full Fluid Management with MDI is the Key to Cost savings and Sustainability for any plant.

Contact your MDI representative today for a review of your plant to see what the FFM program can offer you!

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