20 Year Veteran Dennis Gray Gives Insight to His Lasting Success

Twenty-year veteran, Dennis Gray began his career in sales shortly after graduating from Mt. Zion high school in 1983. Starting out selling garage doors and decking for a local lumber yard he knew that he found his calling in providing exceptional service to his customers. Little did he know at the time that it would translate into a long standing career in the oil and gas industry.

In April of 2001 Morgan Distributing hired a young Dennis Gray to their team as a bulk delivery driver. This lasted for a period of 4 months as Dennis quickly transitioned into the role of a territory sales manager as he began to learn the intricacies of the oil industry.  With this new opportunity, he began working with customers all across Illinois diving head first into the three sectors of business.

After 20 years of service to the company, he has grown his territory into one of the largest of all MDI salespeople. When asked about his approach to selling he said “No matter what I was selling or whom I worked for, I loved the sales process and the deep relationships I developed with most of my customers.”

Over the years Dennis has gained a great deal of product knowledge and applicational aptitude.  With this experience, he has been a great asset in training some of our younger sales team. “It’s very fulfilling to watch someone you have trained to be just like you, to help them develop into a potential top salesperson for your company”. 

Dennis has been able to excel to where he is today by taking the time to understand where he can provide value to his customers. Whether that be in finding the right oil for a particular piece of equipment or tracking temperature spikes in a starved bearing. It brings him great joy in seeing how his efforts can make such a positive impact.


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