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Corn Processing Facility Witnesses Reduced TCO

A dry corn mill processing facility in northwest Illinois experienced a reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO) with the help of Morgan Distributing Inc.  During the spring of 2018, MDI, alongside trusted partners PERMA USA and ExxonMobil, infiltrated this manufacturing facility to help reduce operational costs, better manage facility consumption, and extend the life of current equipment. In converting the facility from a local compound blender to superior Mobil SHC lubrication products; they were able to cut long term lubrication costs. 

PERMA USA was a contributing factor in reducing costs during this conversion process. Perma, a leader of single-point lubrication systems, supplies more single-point lube systems than any other manufacturer in the world (PERMA USA). A single point unit can supply grease for up to 12 months of service. Most units are generally implemented in hard to reach or caution areas within an operating facility. Perma units protect against over/under greasing, allocating time away from other plant responsibilities, and reduces time spent in hazardous working conditions. 

Morgan Distributing provides weekly Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) on their perma and bulk oil inventory. MobilServ oil analysis has also had a major impact on the longevity of their pumps and gearboxes. These services allow for precise system monitoring to provide management with information to make data driven decisions based on historical patterns. By providing our customers with these trends it introduces a proactive approach to their reliability & maintenance programs.


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