Employee Spotlight: 25 Year Veteran, Beth Medlen Shares Her Passion for the Industry


              Growing up in Southern Illinois Beth began working on oil rigs with her father, which unknowingly would give her foresight into her future career. She didn’t know much about finished lubricants until after she graduated from Millikin University with a Biochemistry Degree in 1994. Shortly thereafter, accepting a position with Parkinson Oil Company in early 1995. By the end of the 90’s Morgan Distributing, Inc. purchased Parkinson Oil Company, and with the acquisition, Beth’s career began taking shape.

              Beth gravitated quickly in her career towards the industrial sector of the business and has enjoyed learning the technical side of each application.  Understanding how a company’s assets work and identifying cost savings solutions are the areas in which she finds the most rewarding.  “Knowing I have truly helped them be safer, more efficient, or market their business better still gives me the same enjoyment it did 25 years ago.”

              It’s a much different landscape now. The industry has advanced immensely since the 1990s, and it is MDI’s commitment to adapt along with it.  Our advantage comes from truly listening to what is important to our customers and helping them develop customized solutions for their problems. Beth has incorporated these key values with her customer base, and it has brought her lasting success for over a quarter-century.                                                                                                        

              Even after 25 years of working in the field, she says that she still remembers to this day what her father told her all those years ago…"oil isn’t just the lifeblood of machinery but of the world”.

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