Employee Spotlight: Cape Girardeau branch manager Scott Renner shares his story

31 year veteran, Scott Renner, gives insight on a career that has revolved around sales. In 1989, as a young entrepreneur, Scott started selling for an International dealer in the Cape Girardeau area.  After 5 years of selling over the road trucks and utility trailers he landed himself into the role of Territory Sales Manager for Eagle Oil Company.

In 1994 the 26 year old started distributing Amoco oils to customers in and around Southeast Missouri, Arkansas, & Southern Illinois. In 1999 Exxon & Mobil merged becoming the powerhouse and industry leader it is today.  Scott and Eagle Oil Company made the decision to fully align with ExxonMobil during that time as Amoco exited the lubricants business.  “It was a great decision looking back on it as we gained the needed technical support and world class product lines they offer. That helped us grow our business to over half a million annual gallons, said Renner”.

As the lubricants industry continued to evolve in the early 2010s with mergers and acquisitions, Morgan Distributing, Inc. saw a real opportunity within the region to align with the reputable Eagle Oil Company.  In March of 2011, MDI purchased Eagle Oil Company and has never looked back.  With the foundation laid with the Eagle Oil Company brand, along with the operational and sales excellence Morgan Distributing, Inc offered, the business has more than doubled their annual volume output since the acquisition.  As MDI’s growth continued year over year, the commitment to the region has grown as well.  MDI increased their assets by 2.5X, with the addition of another box truck, hybrid bulk truck, & a 6500gal transport.

As MDI has grown within their region, it has had much to do with Scott’s knowledge and persistence. Not only of his customer base, but also his understanding of how business operates. Scott goes on to say “We are not only in the business to sell oil, we are in business to serve the customers needs and provide solutions to their problems.”  Scott has a winning mentality and finds the most satisfaction in being successful. Success and expansion is the basis on what he gauges himself on. 

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  • Great article on you, Scott. We have always known you were a hard worker. I am sure your family is proud of you. I am sure the business is always changing, and you were able to keep up, Thanks for sharing the article.

    Phyllis Burget on

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