Employee Spotlight: Learn How Territory Sales Rep Jordan Griffith Has Developed Within MDI

Jordan Griffith, Territory Sales representative for Morgan Distributing’s Fairfield region, has embodied the principles and culture of the company since his start in 2015. MDI prides itself on delivering the “The Big 5-0”, a credo in which encompasses 5 phases of how MDI operates. First and foremost, safety, followed by environmental awareness, product integrity, customer satisfaction, & a promise to fulfill expectations. This is important to acknowledge considering Jordan got his start working in the warehouse loading trucks and taking care of walk in customers/daily schedules. From there he began his sales career in wash bay chemicals which then propelled him into his current position of Territory Sales Manager. 

Jordan has always had a company first mentality, not only in terms of who he works for, but also who he works with. When talking with Jordan he stated,” What I like most about the job is being able to help customers improve their business by helping them save time, money, and visually see growth. I like being able to meet new people and better understand a customer’s lubrication needs.” Jordan works with his customers to help them meet their lubrication goals. With the support of MobilServ’s oil analytics lab his customers are able to make data driven decisions on lubrication for their critical assets. He also helps them understand the importance in choosing high quality lubricants.

Jordan is no one-trick pegasus; he graduated from Olney Central College with an associate’s degree in Criminal Justice, and holds multiple state and national records through powerlifting.  Some of his best competitive lifts consist of squat(630), bench(385), and deadlift(665). In addition to his incredible work ethic, he also gives back to his community by coaching the Fairfield Community High School Wrestling team.

Jordan supports MDI’s passenger vehicle, commercial, and industrial lines of business.   Give him a call today, he looks forward to your call.

Jordan Griffith (618) 599-0717


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