Employee Spotlight: VPS Success at Central Illinois Chevrolet Dealership

 During the final quarter of 2019, A Central Illinois Chevrolet dealership was experiencing a lack of chemical exchange services within their location. This particular account had not implemented any chemical services for a period of 5 years. After an internal change at the service director position, they identified profit losses within the parts & services department for a duration lasting 14 months. Knowing there was a need for change they reached out to territory sales representative Amanda Campbell for support.

   Through a series of meetings to discuss short and long term sales goals, MDI and the newly appointed service director agreed upon introducing VPS services to their menu ( Brake, Fuel, Transmission, & Coolant). The initial month of October proved beneficial, generating over $4800 in gross profit over a total of 57 services.

   After implementation at this location it quickly gained momentum within the auto group where another dealership witnessed a 76% increase in the following month of service. Amanda’s efforts within the dealership provided greater performance and longer lasting vehicle life for their customers.


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