February's Employee Spotlight: MDI's Brandon Barton Highlights His Reliability Services Contribution at Toyoda Gesei Missouri

   Maximum efficiency is a term that few experience over the lifetime of industrial machinery. This is in part due to the rigorous demand imposed upon these machines. Continuous use, improper operating conditions, along with dirt & water ingress are leading causes of machine deterioration. Whether it be injection molders, turbine engines, or industrial compressors, keeping these machines running and avoiding unexpected downtime is crucial to Just in Time(JIT) industrial facilities. To have a better understanding of how important it is to keep these critical machines in operation we ask territory sales manager Brandon Barton about his first hand experience working with global auto parts manufacturer, Toyoda Gesei. (TG Missouri - Home)

   Brandon Barton, a certified maintenance and reliability professional (CMRP), entered TG with a wealth of knowledge and a vast array of superior lubrication products. After continual discussions with TG’s senior maintenance manager, Scott Abernathy, they identified a few key metrics within the operating plant. Throughout this process we now know that their Overall Equipment Efficiency(OEE), plays a key role in the upkeep and production of their hydraulic applications. (These applications are susceptible to wear due to the high pressure hydraulic system, start and stop intervals, as well as low sediment toleration.)

   Morgan Distributing, Inc., alongside Mobil representatives, conducted a 12 month filtration study to better understand as to why Toyoda Gesei was falling to reach maximum oil life. What was identified through MobilServ’s oil analysis was a high level of particulate along with rising oxidation levels. The control sample showed an ISO code cleanliness level of 21/20/19. Brandon knew that with consistent monitoring of oil filters and machine activity he could increase the quality of the oil by limiting particulate circulating throughout the system. After the study was conducted Brandon and his team reported an ISO code improvement that eclipsed six levels of cleanliness, bringing the oil within acceptable operable levels of 16/15/13. Armed with this data, Brandon insisted that TG convert from the current oil to a more premium hydraulic oil in DTE 10 Excel 46. This is an oil that has been found to better protect valves, prevent against future problems, and substantially increase operating efficiency. 

   The initial reaction for TG was to drain, clean, and pump in new oil to these particular systems. However, with the data that MobilServ provided we were able to slowly convert the systems to the new DTE 10 Excel. Ultimately saving TG from wasting product while at the same time retaining the longevity of the current oil within the systems. Brandon goes on to say “After we pulled oil samples; they told the story of what was happening inside the equipment. Oil is a window into a machine.” (Plastics Technology - Cut Operating Costs)


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