Morgan Distributing Inc Implements Cost Saving Solutions at Illinois Nuclear Power Plant


MDI’s Reliability Services Division was assembled to provide expertise and professional guidance to help customers achieve their reliability and sustainability goals. Lessening the environmental impact that petroleum lubricants play in our industry is a contributing factor that MDI’s RSD seeks to provide. How can we increase efficiency, limit downtime, and extend the life of your fluid?

80% of hydraulic system failures can be tracked to dirty or contaminated fluids. How can we help save your system from being a part of the majority?


A northern Illinois Nuclear Power Plant was experiencing increased levels of particulate ingression within their closed loop hydraulic applications. With many of these systems considered critical for operation, addressing the total cost saving benefit by extending internal component life was a substantial value add. The particulate contamination within these systems was leading to premature failures, rod scoring, and an increased stress to seals.* The power plant was hoping to achieve an ISO cleanliness rating of 15/13/10 at 4/6/14 particles per milliliter.


Avoiding unnecessary disposal of waste lubricant, MDI provided a solution to help extend the life of the current system through Vacuum Dehydration. A service that MDI has implemented at numerous industrial facilities to remove water and particulate within various lubricating systems. To avoid downtime and extend the life of costly hydraulic oil, MDI recommended the utilization our WANDA filtration processes over a two day period.


Within a controlled environment, by way of vacuum dehydration, MDI was able to achieve an “ultra clean” rating of 15/13/0 for the power plant’s hydraulic fluids.  Achieving the goal of particle cleanliness, while extending the life of a premium hydraulic oil saves our customers time and money! Decreasing the Total Cost of Ownership within this nuclear facility is one of the main goals of MDI’s Reliability Services Division.

Providing our customers with cost-saving solutions shows that we are an asset that not only distributes the life blood of their machinery, but also has their best interest in mind. We not only want to be your supplier, but your “go to” for all things lubrication related. Anyone can be your supplier; MDI wants to be your partner!

*Why is this important?

Scoring has the potential to lessen the efficiency of the pumps leading to premature failures. Damaged seals allow for increased dirt and moisture to be introduced into the system, opening the door to costly motor failures.


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