Territory Sales Manager Joe Butler Begins Building His Own Legacy

Territory Sales Manager, Joe Butler was introduced into the world of finished lubricants from a young age. Joe grew up working in and around Morgan Distributing learning from his father who has been an essential part to the success of MDI over the last 40 years.

Joe graduated high school in 2011 and enrolled in undergraduate school at Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa where he wrestled for the Duhawks. During his four year stay he would go on to acquire a degree in criminal justice. Shortly after graduating, Joe found employment as a fleet manager for Mcleod Express and CRST Expedited before landing a position with Morgan Distributing during July of 2018.

Joe services the North West region of Illinois and has been growing the territory exponentially upon his arrival. With a background in Commercial Vehicle Lubricants, he has been able to provide value to all sectors by extending drains, implementing vendor managed inventory, preserving equipment life, and providing cost saving solutions. Joe has an incredible knack for tailoring solutions to fit the needs and ambitions of his customer base.

Joe goes on to say “I love helping customers see the benefits of using ExxonMobil products within the PVL, CVL, and industrial sectors. Just like the trucking industry, which is the backbone of America, the oil industry is the bloodline of America”.


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